Modern application: Manning and Snowden

This movie slideshow project aims to examine the NY Times v. United States “Pentagon Papers” through a critical lens with the goal of finding principles in which the ruling may have modern application, especially in regard to the precedents it set for future cases. In addition to the Pentagon Papers case, we examine the site Wikileaks, give a brief history of its origin, and discuss the case of Bradley Manning and his leak of military Intel, and we discuss the 2013 case of Edward Snowden who leaked National Security Agency surveillance program information, and seek to determine whether his leak should be covered by the Whistleblower statute as well.

Regardless of the ongoing debate as to whether or not what these two men are traitors or heroes, the larger issue at hand is the balance of power between national security and the first amendment. We are not here to tell you what should or shouldn’t have been done in these cases, but rather to give you the facts. Our exploration of these three different cases that cover various aspects eras and facets of the legal system provide an understanding of the history of this power struggle and offer a glimpse into the complicated future we face in this complicated age of technology.



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