History: Daniel Ellsberg

During the Vietnam War, the White House was confronted about systematically lying to Americans and the controversial actions of the American military led to major resistance from the American people. Daniel Ellsberg, along with other analysts were asked to put together a report of the US involvement in Vietnam. The report confirmed that it had in fact been an American war from the beginning, with the US funding the French move to reclaim. Along with that, there were reports of harsh treatment of war prisoners and other controversial and terrible war tactics used by the US.

In 1971, after the Pentagon Papers had been released to the New York Times; and despite an attempt to censor them by the government, there were published. The report revealed to the people what many had feared; that the government was in fact lying about their involvement in Vietnam.

As the American involvement increased overtime, and as the months became years, the public got impatient. By 1971, 2/3 Americans wanted President Nixon to order troop withdrawals from Vietnam. It was all these things and more in which established the context surrounding the Vietnam War and what would become to known as the Pentagon Papers.


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