Digital Age: When libel and Facebook collide

Many people do not fully understand how dangerous and legally harmful posting the wrong picture or saying a rude status can be. With our actions on Facebook, we are all susceptible to legal issues if we are not fully aware of the laws and rules in our country and on Facebook (along with other social media sites). It can also be complicated due to specific laws made in states and how they differ with other ones. Within this presentation, libel will be defined, explained, and legal cases will be presented to explain some possible legal ramifications libel has in the real world. Under the umbrella of libel, cyberbullying and defamation will also be defined and explained in order to give the topic of libel a broader and clearer picture to the audience. In addition, quotes, examples, and pictures will also increase understanding of these topics. Facebook can be a great way to connect to other people, but with every legal issue presented, we are all in danger of losing our ways in which we can speak and what is considered acceptable.


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