History: The “Heed our rising voices” ad

In this slideshow project, the advertisement “Heed their Rising Voices” is historically examined through three events it addresses: the organization of 400 students in Orangeburg, South Carolina in 1960; the Alabama Bus Boycott in 1956; and Dr. Martin Luther King’s arrest in 1960.

Related to Dr. Martin Luther King’s arrest, the Committee to Defend Dr. King will also be examined, as A. Philip Randolph and Garner C. Taylor, Chairmen of the committee, created the advertisement. Although these are not the only events the advertisement addresses, these are three of the most important ones that must be considered in order to understand the advertisement’s historical context. These three events mirror the struggle for freedom in the South. This struggle is evident in the title of the advertisement, as Randolph, Taylor and their supporters demand that their audience pay careful attention to the students’ voices in Times v. Sullivan as well as their own voices. Both Randolph, Taylor and their supporters’ voices, as well as those of the students (as seen in Times v. Sullivan), reflect the desire and duty to fight for one’s rights.


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